KSL Jet 6 Vane System

Shorter vane, better speed but requires much power.

K&K recommends 2.5 in. vane in the beginning, and you can try to reduce the shorter vane.

0.08mm is designed to good at targeting, but short durability.

0.12mm provide the vane with optimal stability, users are easily quick to adapt.

KSL Jet 6 Vanes what makes It different

The proper way to apply KSL Jet 6 Vanes on your arrows

KSL Jet6 vane system is developed based on Karman vortex, proved in field tests 

with Kisic Lee and completed to validate its major performance through research 

in fluid dynamics  with PH.D Woong-chul Choi.


KSL Jet6 Vane System has less rotation during flight, Since beginning the flight, arrow usually faces cross wind a lot, due to structural property of the vane easily getting air resistance in one side, which results in long paradox distance. KSL Jet6 Vane System have applied round type vane sticking to arrow first time in the world. This discover make the vane  be strong at cross wind, and less rotate during flight. Finally the arrow become much stable, less deviation. After finishing the paradox flight, arrow turns rotating itself to strengthen its direction. But during the paradox flight, rotating occurs air resistance disturbing the flight, which causes longer paradox flying. Existing vanes usually has lots of air resistance in the beginning of  the flying due to different air flow balance. Main reason of different balance comes failure of tube and vane adhesion. Especially, rounding curve of adhesion area in vane is critical. The end of vane make the air flow be irregular. KSL Jet6 Vane  can reduce air resistance  during flying  and provide the vane with optimal paradox distance, it is really major function to get high score.

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